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We are Beauty Elements Ventures, Inc., a personal care company with products for both men and women, established in 2007 and dedicated to serving our customers’ beauty and skin care needs ever since. We introduced the first kojic acid soap in the Philippine market through our brand, Bevi. Over time, the miracle skin lightening effects of the Kojic acid soaps became widespread and became a viral phenomenon. Over time, we purchased more than a thousand items.

Originally starting out as Kojiesan, BEVI launched the original kojic acid soap with the traditional Japanese formulation and then improved the formula by adding high grade virgin coconut oil. In a matter of three years, they were able to reign over the skin-lightening category. Along with the complete line of Kojie San skin care products, we have launched product extensions and the capability to sell our products in other skin care categories such as anti-aging, acne treatment, men’s skincare, cellulite control and fragrances.

Our commitment to quality is highlighted by our recognition as Bath Soap Brand of the Year at the Watson’s Health and Beauty Awards for five years in a row and SM Top Choice awardee. We will continue to develop products and increase our distribution in order to deliver a high-quality experience for a larger number of people. We want to be known for our quality products that are effective. We’re the only company in Indonesia to use kojic acid and high quality virgin coconut oil in our skin treatment products. From the original single bar of soap, we will consistently advance our product line, staying true to our ethos of quality. These innovations will bring us closer to a flawless world, through flawless skin.

Our company distributes Kojie San products within the United States. Kojie San USA is a registered trademark of Beauty Elements Ventures Inc. Flawless Beauty & Skin operates the website. We are not affiliated with any of the transactions you make on our site. If you have any questions or concerns about a purchase you made, please contact us directly.

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