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We’re working hard to provide a high-quality range of skincare and beauty products that you, our valued customer, will love.
As our brand has become more recognizable and successful in the past year with a consistent line of products that utilize safe, quality ingredients with remarkable outcomes, counterfeit and fake goods are also on the rise, all the while not including any traceable, reputable sources of product.
In order to be protected from purchasing fake and counterfeit goods, we compiled a list of features you should know. Keep these things in mind and you will be able to avoid acquiring a fake or counterfeit product.
We are taking every measure possible on our end to make sure that you receive original, high-quality merchandise.
Counterfeit and fake products are dangerous
Use of Harmful Ingredients – Fake makeup contains mercury, lead, arsenic and copper, which can cause severe skin reactions, such as skin reddening or even rashes.
Chemical BurnsProducts with mercury, such as battery and CD cases, can be especially harmful and have potentially long-term consequences.

Unhygienic Illegal LabsKnock-offs and rip-offs are often produced in under-sanitary laboratories. This doesn’t just harm the health of the buyers of these products, but it damages society as a whole. What are the tell-tale signs of a counterfeit or fake Kojie San product?

Make sure you do your research before purchasing

There are a few fake products with our brand name hitting the market that were never developed by us. Therefore, you should be careful and research the product before buying it.

It’s Cheap and The Packaging is Poor

We found, in looking at past scams, one common mistake that had been committed during the process of frauds is using very poor and cheap product packaging.

Fonts for text

We use a specific text font for information like measurements, for instance, and for product details. When making fakes, a mistake with font choice can give away the imposter.

Labels should be read

Product description and details will often have easy to catch spelling mistakes and grammatical errors which will help you detect fakes.

New and Different Scents

Repeat Kojie San buyers can tell the difference, as the natural aroma of our product stays the same.

Wrapping Soaps

While Kojie San’s soaps have fantastic and uniform finishes, fake soaps are unreliable and always disappointing.

Expiration date and batch number

Most of the fake goods will commit below errors during the printing of batch number and expiry.

  • It doesn’t include a batch number or an expiration date.
  • Products will typically last four or five years before expiring, although our products expire in two years.
Below is a list of examples of counterfeits
Fake Kojie San Face Day Brightening Cream
[Note: Kojie San has not developed or released any product as such]
Fake Kojie San Face Lightening Serum
[Note: Kojie San has not developed or released any product as such]
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